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Battery Manufacturing Equipment

Battery Container (Green Plate) Charger

Salient Features:rectifier1

  • Electronically Controlled Constant Current Charging.
  • Specially Designed Filters For Low Ripple (Pure DC).
  • Latest Digital Controls For Accuracy & Reliability.
  • Isolated DC Output to Ensure Safety To Operators.
  • Digital Metering For Accurate Monitoring.
  • Rugged Design For Long Trouble Free Service.

Optional Features:

  • Automatic Termination Of Charge Through Ampere – Hour Controller/Timer.
  • Temperature Compensated Charging With Built-in Discharger For Green Plate Charging.
  • Logging Of Voltage, Current, Amp-Hrs, Temperature Etc.

Green Plate charging is very effective and economical way of charging plates, where in the process of formation of plates is omitted. The pasted plates after curing (Green Plates) are assembled in to batteries and are straight away charged. This saves time, energy and money by skipping the plate formation process altogether. This requires to be charged on special temperature compensated chargers to provide slow and steady charge over an extended period of time to ensure that the electrolyte temperature does not exceed safe limits.

Battery chargers with multiple outputs of say 3, 6 & 12 channels can be provided, each having independent control and monitoring of charging current & Voltage. Each channel can be designed for charging 10, 20 or more No. of batteries connected in series at desired current. Chargers with built in Dischargers are also supplied with micro controller / Computer controlled programmers with data acquisition.

Formation Charger:rectifier2

Battery Plate Formation is an important process which directly affects the quality,capacity and life of Battery. This is an electrochemical reaction between the electrolyte (Sulfuric Acid) and the active material on the Battery Plates (lead oxide). For achieving quality plates it is important to ensure that the Formation Rectifier delivers reasonably smooth and Constant Current and the charging is terminated after predetermined quantum of electric charge (Ampere Hours) is passed through the Plates.

ELIND Thyristor (SCR) controlled Rectifiers deliver constant current DC with minimum AC ripple in the output which ensures better quality plates by preventing excessive heating of electrolyte.

Output voltage and current are precisely monitored on Digital meters. Micro Controller based digital Ampere Hour Controller / Digital Timer facilitates automatic termination of formation ensuring fully charged plates batch after batch (Avoids rejection of plates due to over / under charge)

ELIND Battery Plate Chargers are available in wide range of voltages and current ( 90 to 540 volts and 30 to 500 Amps ) to suit customers’ requirement.

ELIND Rectifiers are designed liberally to give long trouble free life. The transformer and DC filter are housed in steel tank designed for natural oil cooling and Rectifier devices are natural / forced air cooled. Units are protected against input Negative Phase Sequence / Phase fail and output overload and short circuit. HRC fuses on AC input and DC output provide general protection to Rectifier.

Micro Controller/PC based data acquisition system can be incorporated for monitoring and logging parameters like voltage, current, temperature etc at preset interval to ensure good quality of plates/batteries batch after batch

Battery Charger 

Salient featuresbattery1

    • Electronically controlled constant current/constant voltage charging.
    • Current/Voltage can be set precisely.
    • Simple user friendly front panel controls.
    • Special DC filters for smooth charging current.
    • Digital read out for charging current/Battery voltage.
    • Electronic protection against short circuit/overload.
    • Liberally rated devices ensure long trouble free service.
    • Auto termination of charging after present time, voltage or ampere hours.
    • Modular design with aesthetic looks.

Constant Potential Chargersbattery2

Constant potential chargers are very useful in conducting tests like Charge
Acceptance/Water Loss Test on Lead Acid Batteries. They also find application in charging VRLA batteries which are sensitive to over charging. These charges are electronically controlled to maintain charging voltage constant.

Special filters ensure smooth charging current. Built in timer terminates charging after preset time. These are available in wide range to change any number of batteries at required current.

Battery Chargers for initial chargingbattery3

These models are designed to charge number of batteries connected in series at constant current which can be set precisely through potentiometer. Battery Selection is done through a Rotary switch. Battery voltage and Charging current is monitored on digital voltmeter and ammeter. Specially designed DC filter circuit provides smoother charging current. Wide range of standard models are available to charge 6, 10, 15 , 20 Nos of 12 volts Batteries in series at desired charging currents. Such multiple circuits can be supplied in single unit to charge large number of batteries simultaneously.

Other features include electronic protection for Overload / Short circuit, AC/DC fuses for general circuit protection, Indication for Mains ON, Reverse Polarity, Charger ON etc., Optional feature of automatic termination of charging can be provided to terminate charging, on reaching set time, ampere hours or voltage.

Float cum Boost Chargers

These are electronically controlled Constant Voltage / Constant current chargers to charge stand by batteries used for cranking of Generator sets, Back up power supplies for lift, DC UPS systems, telephone exchange etc., Charging current is automatically selected based on charge condition of batteries and when batteries get fully charged it is put on float charge to compensate for self discharge and hence personal attention is not required.
These chargers are custom designed to charge required number of Batteries/ cells connected in series at desired current.

Fork lift / Electrical vehicle battery Chargers

Quick charging is the essence of these chargers. The charging is totally automatic and in two stages. First stage comprises of bulk charge, when approximately 75 to 80% of charge is provided to battery in a short time of 3 to 4 hours by charging the batteries at higher current, till the terminal voltage reaches to about 2.3 to 2.35 volts per cell. There after in second stage the charging current is substantially reduced to avoid gassing of electrolyte.

The charger automatically switches off after preset time of 1 to 6 hours. All these controls are achieved through dedicated micro controller based electronic circuits to give fail proof charging operation.