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Battery Test Instruments

Battery Test Instruments

ELIND Battery Test Instruments are cost effective, yet accurate in measurement and are available in wide range to test battery performance on open circuit as well as on load. They are very useful for battery service stations and dealer point battery analysis. These can also be used by battery manufacturers as sales promotional tools by distributing to their dealers and service agents to motivate their dealers and also to ensure proper battery testing at their end.


Salient Features:

  • Digital displays for accurate measurements
  • Micro controller-based designs for reliability
  • Electronically switched loads
  • Simple, user-friendly controls
  • Suitable for wide range of batteries
  • Modular design with aesthetic looks
Battery Capacity Tester


  • Simple, cost-effective instrument for measuring Ampere Hour capacity and back up time of a 12 Volt battery on selected load
  • Connected between battery under test and any suitable load or inverter
  • Battery Voltage, Discharge Current, Time of Discharge and Total Ampere Hours discharged are monitored on 7-segment LED displays
  • The unit can be used for loads up to 100 Amps
  • The Ampere Hour counter and the timer stop counting once the battery reaches factory set end voltage (10.5 Volts), and the instrument displays Total Ampere Hours discharged and the Total Backup time in hours and minutes
  • The instrument is powered from the battery under test, and does not require any separate external power
Battery Voltmeter


  • Simple, 7-segment LED display voltmeter
  • When connected to a 12 Volt battery, displays the battery voltage accurately
  • Powered by the battery under test, and does not require any external power supply
  • Unit is powered with test leads with crocodile clips, for ease of connection to the battery
Battery Load Testers


The Battery Load Tester is an important instrument in checking the battery’s performance on load. On open circuit, the battery may display appropriate voltage, but the actual battery condition can be judged only by checking the battery voltage on load, i.e., by loading it to an appropriate current.


The Battery Load Tester unit, when connected to the battery under test, initially indicates the battery voltage on open circuit. Subsequently, it loads the battery for 5 seconds, and monitors & displays the on-load battery voltage. On the basis of this voltage, the battery is adjudged as GOOD, WEAK or BAD.


These instruments incorporate electronically switched loads. ELIND Battery Load Testers are available in a wide range, in order to test batteries ranging from 2.5 AH up to 180 AH.

The table below gives particulars of standard Battery Load Tester models. These can also be customized based on the customers’ specifications.

Model Suitable for Batteries Load Current
BLT 12-15 Two-wheeler Battery of 2.5 & 5.0 AH 15 Amps
BLT 12-100 Car & other 4-wheeler Batteries 100 Amps
BLT 12/30-S Batteries of 2.5, 5.0, 9.0 & 14.0 AH 7.5, 15, 30 Amps
BLT 12/450-S Batteries of 50 to 180 AH (Auto & Tubular) 150, 300, 450 Amps