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Battery Testing Equipment

Battery Capacity Tester
Salient Features:tester3

  • Electronic Active Load to maintain discharge current constant.
  • Discharge Current and End voltage can be set precisely.
  • Micro controller based Timer / Ampere Hour meter to record discharge Time / Ampere Hours
  • Simple user friendly front panel controls.
  • Liberally rated to ensure long trouble free performance.
  • Suitable for all types of batteries.
  • Modular Design with asthetic looks.

Elind Rated Capacity Tester

ELIND Rated Capacity Tester is used for measuring Ampere Hours Capacity of battery at desired rate viz., C20, C10, C5 etc as per various National as well as International specifications. It comprises of electronic active load to discharge Test Battery at constant current which can be set precisely to desired level by adjusting a multi turn potentiometer. The test is terminated automatically when the battery voltage reaches the set END voltage and the time of discharge /Ampere Hours discharged is recorded precisely on digital Timer or Ampere Hour meter.

Standard Models:

MODEL No. RCT 12/10 RCT 12/20 RCT 12/50 RCT12/100
Battery voltage 6/12 V 6/12 V 6/12 V 6/12 V
Max. discharge current 10 A 20 A 50 A 100 A

Models to discharge batteries at higher currents & to discharge single cell or more number of batteries connected in series are also available on request.

High Rate Discharger / Production Line Tester

ELIND High Rate Discharge Testers are designed to test crankingperformance of Automotive (SLI) Batteries as per various National and International specifications. The unit comprises of Electronic Active Load to discharge Battery at high current. (Normally at 3*C20 or 5* C20) keeping the current constant through out the test. The test is terminated automatically when the Battery reaches the preset ‘End Voltage’.Micro processor based digital timer with non volatile memory records the discharge time precisely up to 0.01 seconds. The unit is rated for short duty of Max. up to 10 minutes. However it can be used for continuous discharge at lower currents (30% of its max. capacity) to test Capacity of Battery at C1, C3, or C5 ratings. tester2


MODEL No. HRD 12/300 HRD 12/600 HRD 12/1000 HRD 12/1500 HRD 12/3000
Battery volts 6/12 V 6/12 V 6/12 V 6/12 V 6/12 V
Discharge current 300 A 600 A 1000 A 1500 A 3000 A

Custom designed models to discharge battery at higher current & to discharge single cell of 2 volts are also available on request.


ELIND Production Line Tester is used for routine Pre dispatch testing of batteries to ensure that the battery is free from manufacturing defects like poor inter cell joints, missing separators, lead tree shorting etc. This checks the performance of battery under high discharge current. The test takes only 5 seconds and is recommended on 100% batteries to avoid faulty batteries leaving the manufacturing unit.

Battery Life Cycle / Universal Tester
Salient Features

  • Flexible Design : To Test Automotive / tester1Tubular / Stationary / VRLA Batteries as per relevant Specifications.
  • Multi Functional : Can be used to conduct almost all electrical tests.
  • Micro Controller based user friendly programmer.
  • Data Logging facility to log test data.
  • Connectivity to personal computer Facility to draw graphs of Volt / Current / Temperature / Time.
  • Non volatile memory to save test data & selected program during power supply failure.
  • Simple user friendly front panel controls & indications.
  • Robust & liberally rated to give long trouble free service.
  • Modular Design with asthetic looks.

Elind Battery Universal Tester as the name suggests, is a versatile multi testing station designed to test all types of lead acid as well as Ni-cd Batteries as per various National and International specifications. The unit can be used for conducting any of the following tests.

  • Capacity test
  • Charge / Discharge Cyclic Test
  • Endurance Test / Resistance to over charge test
  • Ampere Hour / Watt Hour efficiency test
  • Charge Acceptance test
  • Water loss test
  • Retention of charge test

The unit comprises of electronically controlled constant current / constant voltage Battery charger and constant current discharger, along with Micro controller based programmer with LCD display to set Charge / Discharge / Pause program sequence, Charge / Discharge current and Step termination parameters like time, voltage, Ampere hours and number of cycles etc.

Built in data logger sends test data to a printer or to a personal computer at set time interval. Test data can be printed on a 80 column serial printer or recorded / displayed on personal computer through user end PC software. Stored data can be used to draw graphs of voltage / Current / AH / Temperature / Time as per requirement.


INPUT : 1 Phase AC 200-240 volts / 3 Phase 380-440 volts, 50Hz.

CONTROL : Charging-Constant Current / Constant voltage + 1%
Discharging – constant current + 1%

CH / DCH Time : 1 Second to 100 Hours (99 Hrs 59 Min 59 Sec).

NO. OF STEPS / CYCLE : 8 Steps of Charge, Discharge Or Pause.

STEP TERMINATING PARAMETER : Time / Voltage / Ampere Hours.

CYCLES : 1-9999 Cycles.

INDICATIONS : Digital Voltmeter & Ammeter Charge / Discharge / Pause and Cycle complete.

PRINT INTERVAL : 1sec to Hours.

DATA ACQUISITION : Battery / Cell voltage,Charge / Discharge Current, Amp-Hours,
Water bath / electrolyte Temperature,
Real time, Date, Mode, (Ch / Dch / Pause).

PROTECTION : Against overload, Short ckt., Rev. polarity.