Battery Test Instruments


  • Cost effective yet accurate in measurement
  • Available in wide range to test battery performance on open circuit as well as on load
  • Very useful for battery service stations & dealer point analysis
  • Important features:
  • Digital displays for accurate measurement
  • Microcontroller-based designs for reliability
  • Electronically switched loads
  • Suitable for wide range of batteries
  • Modular design with aesthetic looks


  • Cost effective instrument for measuring AH capacity & back-up time of a 12 Volt battery on selected load
  • Connected between battery under test and load (or inverter)
  • The 7-segment LED displays Battery Voltage, Discharge Current, Time of Discharge & Total AH Discharged
  • Can be used for loads up to 100 Amps
  • AH meter & Timer stop counting once the battery reaches factory set End Voltage of 10.5 Volts, thus displaying the AH discharged & total backup time
  • Powered by the battery under test


  • Simple, 7-segment LED display
  • Accurately indicates battery voltage when connected to a 12 Volt battery
  • Powered by battery under test & does not require external power supply
  • Unit is provided with test leads with crocodile clips for ease of connection to the battery


  • Used for checking battery performance on load
  • When connected to a battery –
  • Initially indicates battery voltage on open circuit
  • Subsequently loads the battery for 5 seconds and monitors & displays battery voltage on load
  • Based on the voltage, displays whether the battery is ‘GOOD’, ‘WEAK’ or ‘BAD’
  • Consists of electronically switched load
  • Available in a wide range, in order to test batteries of 2.5 AH to 180 AH